L.E. Greengold

Dreaming, dreams and the dream state constitutes the heart of my paintings. From the moment I wake each day, I am drawn to capture the ineffable dream before it flees. My memory is now the only vehicle from which I paint. Dreaming is a universal reality of our shared experience. The earliest expressions in paint on cave walls were (likely) created from dream or trance states conveying a message to others about what was seen and experienced. This could contribute to the survival, benefit, or detriment of the tribe. The old recipes and ancient tools I use in making my paintings connect me contemporarily to these earliest recorded histories and documented human experiences. 
Together with oil, marble dust, animal skin, and pigments, I document my dream memory of the night’s travel to another dimension. Each of us lives two lives. One, in the realm commonly known as our day-to-day reality or the waking hours. The other realm often ignored and forgotten, is the life in which each of us travels daily, free of charge, transcending time and place to experience the far reaches of the human mind. 

I use my paint to honor these amaing travels.